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132 Year Old African Woman Lives Healthy By Drinking Rooibos Red Tea

Who better to tell us how to live a long life than someone who has actually done it herself? South African Moloko Temo, who claims to be the world's oldest living person at 132, says the key to longevity is fresh food and exercise. Reuters reports that Temo, who has a government-issued identity card confirming her birthday of July 4, 1874, lives in a country where the average lifespan is less than 50. Now blind and a widow who has outlived four of her children, Temo says she has lived such a long life because she eats fresh food and has spent many of her years doing backbreaking work in a remote village in the farmlands of Mamohwibidu. "We would walk very far to fetch firewood," she told Reuters reporter Sarah McGregor. "We would make very big clay pots and use them to collect water from a hole or river and carry them back on our heads." Confined to a wheelchair, she is no longer able to do such work so she busies herself with storytelling and song.

What does she eat? Temo's diet consists primarily of South African comfort foods, including warm, fresh baked bread (sometimes with a pat of margarine), herbal rooibos tea, the vegetarian dish maize, which is a starchy thin porridge drenched in milk, and a side dish of morogo, a leafy African vegetable that is packed with protein and vitamins. She shuns meat.

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