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Organic Green Tea

Hand-selected organic green teas from the Tian Hu Shan Green Tea Garden. Exclusive to African Red Tea Imports. Not available anywhere else in the US.
Available wholesale - please call us.

Organic Tian Hu Shan Green Tea 15 Teabags in a Box $5.50

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ORGANIC GREEN TEA ~ Tian Hu Shan from the Garden of China.

The first garden that has multiple Organic certificates, this beautiful green tea is yielded according to organic practices.
This tea is famous worldwide for its green color, strong fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful figure. It looks smooth, shapely, graceful, and like a nail. The color is fresh green, or yellow green similar to brown rice yellow color. The aroma is fresh, strong, lasting and refreshing, as strong as the flower scent but not mixed, mellower than irises and orchids. After drinking, it tastes sweet and delicious, light without acerbity, and has a fresh olive aftertaste.

This Hu Shan is at the highest peak in the Tianshan Mountains located in Yangzhong, Nigade, in Fujian Province, TianHushan, with steep mountains and flourishing forests. It is one of the orignal producing areas of Tian Shan Green Tea. The altitude is about 1300 meters, and the climate is mild. Average temperatures are about 15 C and annual rainfall is about 1900 millimeters. The plants mostly grow among rocks or on the hillsides. Their growing environment, in rich and wet soil, especially main arenaceous soil´┐Ż with loose structure, is a significant raw matrial for tea growing. No wonder it garners the praise "The fragrance of tea is lingering around the mountains and rocks."

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