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Antique Heavy Bedouin Solid Metal Tribal Bracelets


This is a spectacular antique Yemeni Bedouin bracelet. It's a heavy solid bracelet, made in non silver metal, but has a silver looking texture, thanks to a skillfully balanced alloy with a possible percentage or plate of silver, and could even look brighter with some cleaning. It features a very old native Bedouin design, with a central round ornament decorated with applied filigree wires, overlaid with granulated and plain discs, and centered with a large knob in the center, matching with those adorning the shank of the bracelet. It has an old gentle patina, yet in perfect condition, completes with every single knob and applied ornament, which greatly increases its value.

Weight: 571 grams

Inner diameter: 2.75 inches

Inner circumference: 8.6 inches

Diameter of round ornament: 2 inches


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