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Dashing Antique Articulate Bedouin Head Band and Pendants


You are looking at splendid and amazingly articulate antique Yemeni Bedouin metal head band, which could also be worn as a choker, spiral anklet or armlet too.

It has an ingenious interconnected elements structure that gives the band high flexibility and rigidity at the same time. It's decorated with applied granulation and diamond shaped elements, with a rich row of bell drops, accented with a strand of colorful synthetic coral.

It's complemented with a very special and rare pair of fine head ornaments to be worn on both ends of the band for a captivating ornamental face frame, which you must see worn to fully appreciate it's dashing beauty ! Besides the rarity and antiquity value, This wonderful band represent a very complex craftsmanship project, painstakingly hand made through weeks of intricate labor with very hard metal alloys, using very simple tools . Amazingly enough it would cost much more to reproduce such piece now days!

Weight: 418 grams

Length less end chain: 15 inches

Width: 2.5 inches


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