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Lively Antique Tribal Bedouin Birth Metal Necklace


You are looking at a lively necklaces of antique Yemeni Bedouin tribal jewelry, featuring one of the most interesting and distinguished styles. It's appropriately called “weladah” or birth necklace because it was customary to be worn by the pregnant mother. As coral resembled life for tribal Yemenis, the wearing of such necklaces was one of the most important birth related practices. Even if it's synthetic like those on our necklace, as long as it's red. It's configured with hundreds of these colorful beads, strung in multiple strands, separated with globes and tube amulets, cent red with a rare box amulet set with red glass, matching the complementary antique ring. In addition to a beautiful pair of earrings, articulated with more synthetic coral and antique ornaments. This classical configuration is repeated in many necklaces, but each is one of a kind, as you would expect of a hand made piece. Painstakingly decorated to the amazement of modern silversmiths, who say it's so much harder to work with metal alloys compared to the malleable silver or gold alloys.

Total weight: 224 grams

Length of necklace less end chains: 18 inches

Length of central amulet: 3 inches

Length of earrings: 3.5 inches


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