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Museum Gorgeous Antique Yemenite Silver Necklace!!


You are looking at one of the most beautiful, most valuable, and most rare examples of antique Yemenite silver jewelry, complements of the indigenous Yemeni Jewish "Bawsani" family. It features a breathtaking opening tube amulet of amazing open filigree workmanship, matched with two silver filigree globes and terminal cones of the same legendary Bawsani workmanship. A single ornament of these beads is worth a little fortune, but a matching configuration like this is simply priceless!

I couldn't open the amulet, which is stuck, but you could put it under hot running water and you should be able to open it easily. I wish I had a picture of the opened amulet, which would highlighted the beautify of the openwork, after removing the cylindrical cap which covers the whole interior.

It's lavishly configured with multiple strands of precious antique genuine red coral of natural substance and color, incorporating scarce and intricate mulberry and plain silver beads. Featuring 4 large coral beads which are very close to gold in value, 24 k!

Total weight: 149 grams

Length less end chains: 17 inches

Length of amulet: 3.4 inches


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