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Selection of Rare Yemenite Silver Filigree Ornaments


You are looking at a spectacular assembly or extremely rare and precious antique Yemenite silver filigree ornaments, featuring the distinct and outstanding workmanship of the Bawsani's . A Famous Yemeni Jewish family of artisans that lived in Sana'a until the early 19th C, and exclusively mastered this demanding silver craft for generations. They are made of solid silver of very high grade. With a light golden gild. and has been carefully strung so the pendant retain it's shape when worn , and a pair of ornaments is left loose if the winner wish to use them as earrings .

Weight: 54 grams

Total height: 7 inches

Width of central tear drop pendant: 1.2 inches

Height of central tear drop pendant: 1.9 inch


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